The excitement about „Little Star“ (ages 6 and up)

A pony for my birthday! What a dream for many children.
But not only children, the animals at the farm are also fascinated about Little Star, the pony with the white stain on his forehead. When the storm begins, it brings rain, lightning and thunder, but also a lot of excitement to the pony farm.
A thrilling radio play and adventure for animal lovers age 6 and up.
Also for parents, this is a great opportunity to experience something extraordinary with the kids.

The last adventure of the band of pirates (ages 9 and up)

The sounds of the Caribbean Sea, screaming seagulls, a galleon with gold and silver, Spanish cavaliers, noble princesses, and a bunch of wild pirates: these are the ingredients for this adventure radio play, suitable for children ages 9 and up. It gets most exciting when the band of pirates hijacks a treasure ship and gets caught in the middle of a tropical storm with the stolen gold. The role played by a wild parrot and an outraged mother will only become clear at the very end.

The ghost castle (ages 10 and up)

It doesn‘t matter if they’re brave kids or little cowards: It gets scary for all kids when, after getting a flat tire, they wander around in the woods and discover an ancient castle. A creepy inhabitant of the castle turns the overnight stay inside the old walls into a real test of courage with a horrifying end...or a horror without end? Or neither? Cool kids ages 10 and up will answer this and many more questions in this radio play adventure.


14,00 € per child (minimum 112,00 €)
1,00 € per CD (1 CD for birthday child is free)
12,00 € weekend supplement

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