Our permanent exhibition

Embark on a journey of discovery through the history of broadcasting! Record players, radio, television - here memories are brought back! Experience the history of consumer electronics from the beginnings of broadcasting to the present day. Get curious about the “Herr im Frack” (“gentleman in a dress coat”), the Kuba Komet, and other unique and charming eyewitnesses of broadcasting.

For visitors coming alone or with the whole family, for school classes or business outings - technology and history distributed along four levels will fascinate you. Interactive stations, detailed installations, and even a small museum scavenger hunt for children make a visit to the museum vibrant and fun. Music boxes playing the Beatles, Elvis, and ABBA invite you to remember and swing along.

Whether you are a technology fan, music lover, or simply interested in history - here you can experience broadcasting history vividly and in an authentic location: the museum is located in the former headquarters of the Grundig company and is steeped in Fürth's economic history.

Most of the exhibition is in German. Please ask at the counter for our English booklet. This leads you through the exhibition and includes an english summary.

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